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“Meet Kavya Karnatac: Revolutionizing Geography Education on Social Media”

Kavya Karnatac is just 26 and she is changing how we consume social media

New Delhi (India), August 17: All online platforms are now full of educational creators. But no one was talking about one particular thing- India’s geography. That is when Kavya Karnatac entered and she instantly made everyone fall in love with this subject. Kavya is teaching geography in a way it has never been taught before, through her Instagram and YouTube handle- @kk.create.

Kavya’s Instagram grew like a forest fire- she went from 50K followers to 100K in a single day! In just seven months, she has been able to build an engaged community of more than 8 lakh followers. She has to be one of the fastest-growing educational creators on Instagram. Her rapid growth truly shows how her content is one-of-its-kind.

Like many of us, Kavya HATED geography subject in school. But that was because of how it was taught. As soon as she learnt to edit, she knew that she could teach this subject in a much more impactful manner. That is when she decided to teach geography in a very unique way through her fun short videos!

What makes her content different is relatability. Kavya has truly been able to answer the different questions all of us have had about our country and states through her videos: Difference between Delhi and New Delhi, Why Rajasthan is NOT JUST a desert, North Indians don’t speak only Hindi, How northeast has much more than forests. “I hated geography in school. But this page is making me regret my choices”, these are the kind of comments that are very common on all of Kavya’s posts. Parents comment that their kids love Kavya’s videos. Even teachers themselves comment to tell her how they are using her videos in their classrooms. Her videos are very much appreciated by students and aspirants, but also travellers.

In a fun manner, she helps us in understanding how geography is so intricately linked to a lot of our daily lives. “I don’t think geography is just about mountains and rivers. It’s about EVERYTHING. What we wear, what we eat, what brands we consume, which parties we vote- all are linked to our geography. So if we understand geography, we will understand our country and our states so much better!”, says Kavya.

This relatable nature of her content has taken it to a lot of people. Her collaboration reel on the river Narmada with the famous travel vlogger Monkey Magic went viral. It was even shared by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh on his Instagram. Two of her reels on Nagaland were shared by the Tourism Minister of Nagaland. Many famous athletes, singer Kavya’s content also stands out because of her innovative and interesting teaching strategies.

She uses a lot of engaging visuals- like 3D models. A lot of the time, we see her using real craft models in her videos, we see her shooting on locations that she is talking about, and we almost always see her using interactive unique maps. For her reel about the marine drive rocks, she really went to the location and shot the reel. She explained about the floods in North India by using balloons.

Her uniqueness has also brought a lot of brand collaborations her way. In a short time, she has collaborated with many big brands. Her collaboration with a very famous finance app got more than a million views. In fact, most of her branded reels have reached millions of views. She has been able to seamlessly incorporate brands from different genres like finance, education, trading, clothing, etc into her content.

Kavya started with short videos and now she will soon be making long videos as well. She wants to keep utilising all platforms and formats to do just one thing. “I want to make geography fun”, she says firmly!