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Singer Manndakini Bora’s spiritual melody of Radha ji & Krishna ji titled “Shyaam Lagan” is a captivating journey into divine love

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 12: Manndakini Productions is proud to present a soul-stirring spiritual song centered on the timeless love story of Radha ji and Krishna ji titled “Shyaam Lagan”. This melodious masterpiece, sung by a gifted female vocalist, Manndakini Bora promises to touch the hearts of listeners with its enchanting verses and divine essence.

Notably, the song features a star-studded cast of exceptionally talented Riva Arora and Shlok Sahni, including highly talented musicians like Javed Hussain who has directed the music & composed the melody, Pyasa Anjum who has penned the sacred lyrics, Aslam Khan who has choreographed & directed the song. While the concept is designed by Harvansh Pandit, Shiv Shakti has done an extraordinary job as the DOP. Their exceptional artistry has elevated the song to a whole new level of transcendence.

The evening saw the presence of Agam Kumar Nigam, Dilip Sen, Manmeet (Meet Bros), Abhijeet Saawant, Virendra Shankar, Jitu Shankar & many more.

The song beautifully sung, composed, and arranged, intricately weaves together the sacred devotion of Radha ji and Krishna ji, a cherished symbol of eternal love and devotion in Hindu mythology. Through the verses, listeners are invited to embark on a celestial journey, resonating with the profound spiritual connection between the two eternal souls.

“We are thrilled to present this spiritual masterpiece to the world,” says Manndakini Bora ji a gifted, pure vocalist with the ability to mesmerize the audience with her golden voice, she further adds “It is a tribute to the divine devotion shared between Radha ji and Krishna ji and serves as a reminder of the timeless values of eternal love, compassion, and unity. The melody’s serene resonance is sure to bring comfort and inspire hope in the hearts of many”

The gorgeous Riva Arora who plays young Radha ji in the song, says “I feel truly blessed to be a part of this ethereal spiritual song that beautifully narrates the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna ji. It’s a divine journey that touches the very core of our hearts, reminding us of the power and depth of unconditional love. May this melody resonate with every soul and bring solace, peace, and harmony to all who listen” 

Shlok Sahni, who incredibly plays Krishna ji says “Being a part of this spiritual song about Radha ji and Krishna’s ji love story has been an enlightening experience for me. As an actor, it’s a privilege to convey the emotions and essence of this divine narrative through music and visuals. I hope this melody touches the hearts of audiences and rekindles the light of love and spirituality within each one of us.

Jackie shroff says, “Mandakini is a soulful singer and listening to the track has just made him feel nostalgic, her performance has completely enthralled me , being a devout krishna devotee it just evoked the emotions  holding the flute today. I am extremely fond of her melflous voice.

Watch the song here-

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