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India’s leading numerologist and Garba king Jay Rajesh Thakkar is overwhelmed after winning Bharat Bhushan Award 2022

New Delhi (India), February 22: In the words of the ancient Greek philosopher and Mathematician Pythagoras, “God built the universe on numbers.” An advocate of this profound saying, Jay Rajesh Thakkar has built a successful career as a numerologist. Passionate about ancient wisdom and astrology, the science behind numbers fascinated the numerologist.

The field of numerology is vast, and its depth made Thakkar curious to know about it in his early years. It is a known fact that numerology can predict everything about a person, including health, wealth, relationships, career and business prospects. Jay’s inclination towards numerology increased when he discovered intuition as his power.

Through his intuitive power, he has not only solved complex life issues but has even guided people to get on the path of righteousness. Jay’s consultations have brought a significant difference, and he is recognised as a healer for his clients. The Mumbai-based numerologist believes that it is crucial to understand life patterns and then predict the future based on numbers.

In his remarkable career, Thakkar has done numerological consultations for celebrities, entrepreneurs and other influential personalities. In addition, Jay Rajesh Thakkar’s numerological consultations have helped brands and corporates in a big way. Intending to raise awareness about numerology, he is a guiding light for all those who want to make their future events fruitful.

For his unparalleled contribution, Jay Rajesh Thakkar was recently conferred with Bharat Bhushan Award 2022. The event took place in Bhopal earlier in December, and the numerologist is ecstatic about the honour. “I am glad that my work is being appreciated. It is a privilege for me to receive the award. I would call social media a boon that helped me increase my reach to a larger audience”, he revealed.

Interestingly, his work is not just limited to the field of numerology. Jay Rajesh Thakkar has earned fame on social media as a fashion stylist and a prolific Navratri performer. For the last three decades, he has been holding the title of ‘The King of Navratri’. Be it his profession as a numerologist or a creative personality, Jay Rajesh Thakkar knows how to make everyone’s heads turn with his work.

To know more about him, check his Instagram page @jayrthakkar.

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